Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New look.....different ways to wear your accessories....

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Transform your wardrobe. Have fun, save that cash for something else.....

This is two of the elegant and very classic Leather Rose belts at Mano Bello, from the Flowers Collection.....Morphed into Couture goddess level funkiness....wrapped and worn as a harness, ascot or bib. A really feminine fashion restraint!
 Here again...the same two belts, wrapped & layered, coiled around as a lush bib, or decadent necklace edging it's way towards "scarf".
Love......not war! 
A morphed bandolier. Much better to arm yourself with roses.....

A single belt wrapped into an edgy halter......Any of these would carry any plain button down shirt, tee or fitted wool blazer to heights teetering on haute!

I am going to ask the StyleBubble girl to a friendly challenge of "styling with accessories"....let's see if she responds!

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