Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mano Bello designs now in limited production

Here in fabulous and luxurious goatskin. Unmatchable softness and texture. Rare in red. I have found that finding the right skins for the "Flowers Collection" is a difficult and time consuming task. Going overseas is a must for quality and color. I am getting ready to incorporate a "Volume" for limited productions of my leather wrap obi belts as a result. Each belt will be numbered and available in limited quantities.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Italian Vogue, etc

Here is a link for Italian fashion publications. I always find Italian Vogue more interesting than the USA publication.    http://www.made-in-italy.com/fashion/publications/index.htm

and here a link to vote for who wears the leather better!

More leather:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photography Advice for emerging designers

I am inviting critiques and comments on different photography themes for portraying merchandise using the best marketing options.......photos are utmost in importance! Don't be shy....leave your thought and comments!

Ruffled Leather Shoulder Bag
shop here

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leather Flowers Collection

Leather Wrap Belthttp://manobello.com
Finally...SUCCESS with uploading !

I am searching for other interesting Fashion Blogs to provide links. I have added a couple today on the right hand column of this blog. I just love the diverse path of emerging designers and escaping the "rut" of being told what to do by the media & the celebrities. Like "sheep", made to feel that unless you follow , you are out of the pack.....alone....un-chic. I strongly disagree...I think it takes courage and confidence to "go your own way", make your own judgments, decide what YOU like and go with it! For me, there is nothing better than a unique fashion piece, whether it be a jacket, boots or an accessory! I love what's different and unique!

Leather Obi Belt

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Being featured on Etsy

Until I figure out why I can't upload photos to my blog right now.....I will at least provide some entertainment for your eyes by providing links to colorful "Treasuries" featured on Etsy. These are handpicked items researched and chosen by designers with a theme...usually a color theme. It's a nice way to see some beautiful creations from a handful of designers at one time. Also an honor to be one of the chosen!
Enjoy the view!
More treasuries here: Featuring Mano Bello

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wish it were a vacation!

I don't consider myself a "techie" and I often go to my 14 year old son for help with my computer glitches. Being on online retailer and that being my only "store" rather than a physical one in the dimension where gravity exists, I HAVE to learn techie stuff in order to operate.
Keeps me young, so I've heard....learning, that is.
I can change my printer.....no problem. Can someone explain to me how in the process of installing my new printer, I blew out my router? It was a perfectly operating router before my new printer install. It was even one of those super duper powerful & expensive ones. It did not like the printer, I guess!
Anyway...2 weeks ensued with shipping delays on the new router...and I had no internet except when I could convince my son to let me share his computer so I could continue to place food on the table.
Unfortunately, my blogging took the fall along with the router......
In the mean time, I had a lot more time to work on designs and came up with my Leather Flower Obi belts.
Trouble is, I like them so much, I don't want to sell them!   Where to see obi belts