Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm working on photos to show the different ways to wear what could otherwise be an intensely classic leather belt.

Not only a belt, but a harness, a sash across the body diagonally, a choker, even a necklace with lots of leather ribbons to play with and intertwine. I think I could use the help of Style Bubble!
Although I am no expert, nor want to be, on designing leather accessories for bondage purposes....I do like the harness look with the belt, over a tee or a wool jacket.

I love versatility in wardrobe pieces...I love finding creative ways to mix things up and morph the intended purpose of a piece into something else that ends up quirky, funky, fun and stylish.
Shown with Chan Luu Cashmere dress, Rozae Nichols lace skirt, Der Dau riding boots & fingerless gloves, wool tights & thigh high stockings borrowed from J Crew.
Red Rose Ribbon Leather Belt     
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