Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Designer or Business woman?

More Mano Bello Leather Couture Bustle belts
This is my joy.....CREATING  my designs...............
Although I love what I do, and I can't imagine NOT doing it, I need my skill to supply financial sustainability in order to keep doing it....If you take that a bit further, it just keeps going around in a never-ending circle!
Rearing it's scary & ugly head

(to creative people, anyway), comes the process of marketing and promoting to the world.
The need to be seen, to be a presence in the world of fashion, to be acknowledged as a real Designer. All necessary in order to sell my creations.

Daunting, scary and most of all, keeping me from actually designing and creating.....this task is.
I would love for someone to be all of these things for me. Be my photographer, model, director, promoter, spokesperson, marketer......  create my press kit!
Am I dreaming?

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