Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wish it were a vacation!

I don't consider myself a "techie" and I often go to my 14 year old son for help with my computer glitches. Being on online retailer and that being my only "store" rather than a physical one in the dimension where gravity exists, I HAVE to learn techie stuff in order to operate.
Keeps me young, so I've heard....learning, that is.
I can change my problem. Can someone explain to me how in the process of installing my new printer, I blew out my router? It was a perfectly operating router before my new printer install. It was even one of those super duper powerful & expensive ones. It did not like the printer, I guess!
Anyway...2 weeks ensued with shipping delays on the new router...and I had no internet except when I could convince my son to let me share his computer so I could continue to place food on the table.
Unfortunately, my blogging took the fall along with the router......
In the mean time, I had a lot more time to work on designs and came up with my Leather Flower Obi belts.
Trouble is, I like them so much, I don't want to sell them!   Where to see obi belts

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