Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leather Flowers Collection

Leather Wrap Belt
Finally...SUCCESS with uploading !

I am searching for other interesting Fashion Blogs to provide links. I have added a couple today on the right hand column of this blog. I just love the diverse path of emerging designers and escaping the "rut" of being told what to do by the media & the celebrities. Like "sheep", made to feel that unless you follow , you are out of the pack.....alone....un-chic. I strongly disagree...I think it takes courage and confidence to "go your own way", make your own judgments, decide what YOU like and go with it! For me, there is nothing better than a unique fashion piece, whether it be a jacket, boots or an accessory! I love what's different and unique!

Leather Obi Belt


  1. These belts are gorgeous and you've made such an important point on going your own way. Great stuff!

  2. I love them all, but for me I prefer the black. By the way, what does Jek? Stand for? Something...Elizabeth Kelly? Interesting touch! Leather Wrap Belt