Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mano Bello Leather Ribbon Bow Belts as Wedding Dress Belts

When you are planning your big day, and you want to create a unique look but keep your costs down, Mano Bello Leather Ribbon Bow Belts are a welcome surprise. These strap belts are easy to wear, come in most any color, and are under $50. You could even outfit your Bridesmaids with matching leather sashes without putting a major dent in your Wedding budget.

Rustic elegance is achieved easily with the addition of these simple wedding dress sashes. So, are you planning a rustic or woodland wedding day, or are you more steampunk or tribal? Even a traditional gown could be adorned with a simple white leather or ivory leather strap and look classy as all get out, AND without breaking the bank. Find them HERE.

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